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Why You Need to Use a Nail Dryer

  • Sunday, 11 October 2020
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Why You Need to Use a Nail Dryer

The best way to dry your nails naturally without having to ruin your nail art, is with a professional LED Nail Dryer. No more unattractive accidents caused by the heat of normal air dryers, no more smearing or even temporary damage to your nail art when waiting for your nails to get dry. With a professional LED nail dryer, the heat it uses can be more evenly distributed over the surface area, leaving less heat on certain areas than the other areas.

Using an LED dryer dries quicker than normal air drying and almost as fast as fan dryers, so compare to air dryers. The other difference between the two types of dryers is that an air-dryer has a fan that sucks the heat out of the air, while a fan dryer uses a heat gun that sucks out the heat from the dryer area, making it very efficient. Air-dryers will take longer to get the nail art fully dry, but are much faster and easier to use.

Most dryers come in three categories, depending on the style of the nail you are drying, and they are either electric, propane, or solar powered. Electric dryers have been proven the most efficient at drying nails, because they are able to heat your nail art much more evenly.

If you are drying your nails for a long time (like weeks or months) then you should consider a solar powered nail dryer instead, and you might want to try one that is portable. These are great for people who live in apartments or have limited space but are very energy efficient. Some solar powered dryers have a large solar panel that collects the sun's energy and sends it out into your home.

If you are drying your nails to design your own designs or to simply keep them dry, then there is no reason to get an air-dryer because it will only serve to ruin your nail art. With a nail dryer you can dry your nail art dry and this keeps them much more durable and not have to be replaced after every few weeks or months.

When choosing a nail dryer be sure you pick one that is specifically designed to be used to dry your nail art. Some models do not have a heat setting to allow more evenly distributed heat on the nail art, so make sure yours does.

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